Logo24 Products

LOGO24 is an extraordinary new initiative that offers
“next day” turnaround including branding on
170 of our most popular products when you need
branded product super-fast!

LOGO24 Terms and Conditions
The intention of LOGO24 is to offer you an option when your client needs to brand an order urgently.
To enable a next day branded offering, Gift Kits Promotions has followed international practice with regards to this service. As a result there are certain restrictions associated with LOGO24 and it is extremely important to ensure that you are familiar with our LOGO24 Terms and Conditions prior to placing your LOGO24 order.
Please make sure to read the following very carefully:
1. Logo24 orders may only be placed online. Emailed or faxed orders are not accepted for LOGO24.
2. Once a LOGO24 order has been placed online, no amendments or cancellations are possible. Given the urgent nature of LOGO24 orders, immediately upon placing (and paying for the LOGO24 order), your order will be pulled by our warehouse and sent to our branding department to commence branding.
3. Importantly, due to the urgent nature of LOGO24 orders, no branding layouts will be generated for your order. The logo you supply us (uploaded by you during the online ordering process), will always be branded at the maximum possible size in the position that the LOGO24 branding guideline demonstrates. This logo will be centred within the demarcated branding area on the branding guidelines. All LOGO24 branding guidelines can be viewed on the Amrod website and differ from the standard branding guideline for the product in question. If you have specific requirements for position or size, please place a standard branding order where we have more flexibility with the logo and branding positions. Branding outside of the demarcated LOGO24 branding area, or at a size that exceeds the maximum branding space, will not be available as part of the LOGO24 offering. If artwork contains fine detail or small text that may close up, please ensure that you remove this before uploading the artwork for branding. Logos will not be modified once sent to us.
4. Complete and accurate electronic artwork must be uploaded online at the time of order placement and must be in vector format. Your LOGO24 artwork will only be accepted if submitted in vector format in one of the following formats: .pdf (workable PDF), .cdr (Corel Draw), .ai (Adobe Illustrator). Please note that non-vector artwork saved into these file formats do not qualify as vector artwork and if received in this manner, your order will revert to standard lead times.
5. At the time of artwork upload, pantone colours must be supplied where you require a specific pantone for either Pad Printed or Screen Printed products. For digital branding processes involving full colour logos, vector artwork must be correctly supplied to reflect CMYK colours.
If artwork received is unsuitable for the LOGO24 process, your order will revert to standard lead times.
6. LOGO24 is limited to specific gifting products with minimum and maximum quantities applicable per product, per order. These quantity parameters per product for LOGO24 are visible on the giftkitspromotions website as well as in our catalogue under the LOGO24 icon.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, please urgently enquire with your account manager or if after 5pm, our nightshift team (sales@giftkitspromotions.co.za).
8. Orders placed Monday to Thursday:
The LOGO24 service is available Monday to Thursday (when they are trading days in South Africa) and orders must be placed (all clients) and paid (COD clients) by 5pm to be complete and ready for collection in Johannesburg by 5pm the following day (if it is a trading day in South Africa).

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