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Spaghettimat with own logo.

Spaghetti mats not only look beautiful, they are also ideal as outdoor mats. Due to the open structure, water can easily drain away. Our heavy quality lasts a long time with good maintenance. Our spaghetti mat is the only quality made in South Africa. Weighing approx. 5.5 to 6 Kg/m² this is a nice heavy quality.

To prevent tripping, the spaghetti mat can be provided with ramped edges on one or more sides.

The logo of a spaghetti mat is cut out of the different colours. Like a puzzle, the pieces are placed and glued together manually. This logomat is still a real handiwork. The price of your spaghetti Logo mat depends on the size and number of colours, but also on the complexity of the logo. The more letters or details, the more manual work and the more expensive the mat. To be able to cut cleanly, a line must be no less than 1 cm thick. Thin letters or small letters with decorations cannot be made in this quality.

The price of a spaghetti mat with logo is always on request. Choose design / price request, upload the logos, write in the field comments placement or colors. You will receive a design and price from us.

The spaghetti rolls are standard 120 cm wide. Although other widths are possible, this can be more expensive due to material loss. By welding pieces together we can also make larger mats with logo, e.g. 4×4 meters. Also shapes or curves of a revolving door are possible. These mats can then be installed by us within South Africa.

Big sizes are heavy and might need more expensive shipping to other countries, ask for a shipping quote to your country.

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15mm HD spaghetimat, the only quality produced in South Africa with a choice of 22 colours !

With a thickness of 15 mm the HD spaghetti mat is suitable for commercial use. This extra heavy quality has a weight of 5.5 to 6 Kg per m2. Because of this high weight, the mat lay down well. The life span is longer than comparable mats when used properly (with regular maintenance).
At an extra cost we can also deliver this spaghetti mat with your own logo as spaghetti logo mat. The design is then cut out of the different colors of spaghetti material, after which the pieces are put together like a puzzle and joined together permanently using a welding fluid. All spaghetti mats can optionally be provided with a black beveled edge, all around or on one or more sides. The beveled edge prevents tripping over the mat.

Standard spaghetti mats are made in a width of 120 cm and length of 600 cm. However, it is possible to weld pieces together so that we can also make larger mats as a made-to-measure solution. We can install within the Netherlands and cut the mats to size on site, e.g. around a revolving door.

Please note that spaghetti mats can be used inside as a mat first, e.g. in a portal, but they are not suitable as the only mat. Spaghetti mats work best in combination with other mats.



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