Essential Covid 19 Products

COVID-19 Products

Whilst it’s clear that we’re all going to be feeling the impact of Coronavirus on the way we live and work for a while to come, that doesn’t mean your business has to wait patiently. Instead, adapting to the so-called ‘new normal’ – be it by launching an online delivery service, holding digital events, doing more in the way of mail-out campaigns and so on – is a great opportunity for your brand to demonstrate how receptive and flexible it can be, in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Similarly, whilst face-to-face contact with in-store customers might not be on the cards for a while, that’s not to say there are no other ways to reach them. Rather, planning direct mail campaigns and tapping into the new range of wants and needs people have is a great way to show that your business is always there for them.

And let’s not forget about your staff! Whether they’re working from home or you’re looking for ways to ensure your workplace is as COVID-secure as possible, reminding your colleagues that you appreciate their support and hard work during a challenging period is crucial, as is demonstrating that you have their safety and wellbeing at heart. From introducing social distancing measures to providing your colleagues with their own name-printed items to avoid the potential for contamination, there are all sorts of ways you can go about doing it – and we’re here to help.

The Gift Kits Promotions team has been busy creating a wide range of new product categories throughout the year, with items to match the needs, wants and concerns of your business, customers and colleagues. From promotional products for working from home and social distancing must-haves for shops to hygiene essentials such as branded face masks and hand sanitiser, we’ve got everything you could need as we all navigate the ‘new normal’ together.

Explore some of our categories below and use our COVID-19 menu above to view more.

Hygiene & Health Products

Everything from branded hand sanitiser to promotional face masks.

With a focus on personal hygiene and preventing the spread of germs, businesses across South Africa should consider investing in promotional health products to ensure the wellbeing of their staff and customers. We have everything from branded face masks to promotional hand sanitiser gel, with all items available to be customised with your company logo.

Branded Hand Sanitiser

Keep hands clean and help stop the spread with these gels, sprays, wipes and more.

Promote hand hygiene wherever your colleagues and customers maybe with our selection of hand sanitiser gels and sprays. From handy pocket-sized bottles to hand sanitiser stations for communal areas, we have your hand cleanliness needs covered.

From branded face coverings printed with your artwork through to logo-printed face mask straps (ideal for making the wearing experience more comfortable), we have a wide range of branded reusable face masks available to match the needs of those who matter the most to your organisation, whether for wearing in the office, on public transport or whilst shopping. We also have face masks for children, as well as ‘face mask exempt’ lanyards and badges for those who are unable to wear face coverings.

Promotional Products For Working From Home

Make #WFH that bit easier for your team with our productivity essentials.

With many South Africans swapping their normal office environments for home-working for the foreseeable future, there’s no better time to invest in promotional products that can support people who are WFH. We’ve got stationery, tech, drinkware and more – browse our full range for smart home-working solutions today.

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